Thrilling. Vigorous. Entertaining.

Tim’s BMX-performance is an entertaining BMX-Flatland Act… a discipline in the BMX-Sports, which is accomplished on flat ground.

A thrilling combination of slow tricks with a high balance level and some very fast and racy tricks of new-school flatland sweep along the audience. The choreography and music just support the entertaining mood of his act. Additionally, Tim presents his further acrobatics-skills on the ground without his bike, what makes his act unique.

Don´t hesitate to book Tim´s show act for your event. Laws of physics seem to be powered off and the audience enjoys a powerful, entertaining and exciting performance.

And one more thing: choreography, music, costume and light-setting is nearly completely customizable for your event!

Breakdance on a Bike.
Nearly everybody heard about BMX for once, because it´s roots reach back to the 60s. There is a category of Flatland, in which BMX-riders only need a flat ground, is mainly based on balance. Nowadays, Flatland can be differentiated into old-school and new-school Flatland, which mainly differs in the style of riding: new-school Flatland is faster than the old-school style and contains racy spins and movements. Nevertheless, both styles of riding require years of training. The BMX-sport is a high-grown scene nowadays and yet an Olympic discipline.

Tim experienced national and international locations like:

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin – Spiel mit der Zeit
Chamäleon Varieté Berlin- Splash
Le Mans fait son Cirque 2018
Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2018
Jugend trainiert für Olympia
Cimac Festival de Chile 2019
Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2019
Jakarta International Performing Arts 2019

What has started as a gymnast, developed into a show-performer. Already in elementary-school, Tim participated in competitions of gymnastics. During that time the dream was born: At the age of ten he visited the State Acrobatics School in Berlin to become a professional show-performer. There, he got body-control, skills of acrobatics and has been taught how to dance and act. Furthermore, he discovered his passion for BMX-Flatland. Beside this, Tim started to play the piano, what supported his feeling for music. In 2020 he graduated from the State Acrobatics School of Berlin and can be seen on international stages.

Everything needed to perform a full act is:

 • At least 5m x 5m area
• level, non-slippery ground (best: PVC-dancefloor, OSB-panels, asphalt)