Thrilling. Vigorous. Entertaining.

Tim Höfels BMX performance is an entertaining BMX Flatland showact, a discipline in the BMX-Sport, which is accomplished on a flat ground. A thrilling combination of slow tricks with an high balance level and some very fast and racy tricks of new-school flatland sweep along the audience. The music supports the positiv mood of his act. Additionally, Tim Höfel presents his further acrobatics skills on the ground without his bike, what makes his act unique.

Don’t hesitate to book Tim Höfels BMX show for your event. The laws of physics seem to be switched off and the audience enjoys a powerful, entertaining and exciting performance.

And one more thing: choreography, music, outfit and light-settings are customizable for your event!

Dancing with a bike.

Nearly everybody heard about BMX for once, its roots reach back to the 60s. There is a category called Flatland, in which BMX riders only need a flat ground.

Nowadays, Flatland can be differentiated into oldschool and newschool Flatland, which mainly differs in the style of riding: newschool Flatland is faster than the oldschool style and contains racy spins and movements.

Nevertheless, both styles of riding require years of training. The BMX-sport is a high-grown scene nowadays and yet an Olympic discipline.


Tim Höfels show-experience includes many well-known locations, productions and events:

…and many more!

Tim Höfel

Tim grew up in Kloster Lehnin and moved to Berlin at a very young age. During his education as a state-certified artist, he discovered his passion for BMX Flatland.

After years of training on his bike and with the help of the artistic influence of his education, he developed his own riding and performance style.

Today, the BMX rider can be seen at various shows and events and competes in international BMX contests against riders from all over the world.

Technical requirements

•  at least 5m x 5m area
• flat, non-slippery floor (best: PVC dancefloor)

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